My top 50 Alternative 90s songs dedicated to Generation Z.

You all know I looove music so I wanted to share with you 50 of my favorite 90s rock songs. This month I’ve noticed myself picking songs from my childhood just wanting to feel nostalgic. I shared some 90s songs on my insta story and was surprised at how many of my followers didn’t know these bands! Well I might know why, a lot of my followers are my students and they are way younger… But either way it made me want to share some my favorite songs because helloooo these songs are classics! And since the 90s fashion is back in, I want the next generation to hear some really amazing music. 


Empire Records <3

So here are my top favorite songs that are currently on my 90s’s playlist. I continue to keep adding…so if there’s a song that should be on this list please put them in the comments! I will have to do another post on 90s pop & R&B because this playlist would’ve been way too long. I feel very fortunate that I grew up with all types of music and learned to appreciate the different genres. So if you are not into rock, please just give a few songs a try, some of these songs might change your mind. Music evolves over time but it always goes back to its roots. I know everyone has their preference of music, so this list is for all you Alternative rockers out there!

I have a ton of other favorites but decided to cap it at 50 for today. If you follow me on Instagram  @danielle_keaton_ I’ll be posting my Spotify playlist in my stories so you’ll be able to hear the songs right away..for some reason WordPress or Spotify isn’t’ letting me add it on here.

**Anyone under the age of 18 there is some language in these songs so ask your parents!

  1. Dammit – BLINK 182
  2. More Than Words – EXTREME 
  3. All For You – SISTER HAZEL 
  5. She’s so High – TAL BACHMAN
  6. A Long December – COUNTING CROWS
  8. Motorcycle Drive By – THIRD EYE BLIND
  9. Slide – THE GOO GOO DOLLS
  10. Inside Out – EVE 6
  11. Semi-Charmed Life – THIRD EYE BLIND
  12. Mr. Jones – COUNTING CROWS
  13. Two Princes – SPIN DOCTORS 
  14. One Headlight – THE WALLFLOWERS
  16. Run-Around – BLUES TRAVELER 
  18. Jumper – THIRD EYE BLIND
  19. Every Morning – SUGAR RAY
  20. Hey Jealousy – GIN BLOSSOMS
  21. If You Could Only See – TONIC
  22. Meet Virginia – TRAIN 
  23. My Own Worst Enemy – LIT
  24. Iris – THE GOO GOO DOLLS
  25. You Get What You Give – NEW RADICALS
  26. No Rain – BLIND MELON
  27. How’s It Going To Be – THIRD EYE BLIND
  28. Follow You Down – GIN BLOSSOMS
  29. Only Wanna Be with You – HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH
  31. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – NINE DAYS
  32. Barely Breathing – DUNCAN SHEIK
  33. Father of Mine – EVERCLEAR 
  34. Never Let You Go – THIRD EYE BLIND
  35. Real World – MATCHBOX TWENTY
  36. Santa Monica – EVERCLEAR
  37. Name – THE GOO GOO DOLLS
  39. Hey Leonardo – BLESSID UNION OF SOULS
  40. December – COLLECTIVE SOUL
  41. When It’s Over – SUGAR RAY
  42. Counting Blue Cars – DISHWALLA
  43. Black Balloon – THE GOO GOO DOLLS
  44. Flagpole Sitta – HARVEY DANG
  45. Crash into Me – DAVE MATTHEWS BAND
  46. Til I Hear It From You – GIN BLOSSOMS 
  47. Walkin’ On The Sun – SMASH MOUTH
  48. Take a Picture – FILTER
  49. Here’s to the Night – EVE 6
  50. Lullaby – SHAWN MULLINS 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”


I want to leave you with a couple videos and wish you all a wonderful rest of your day!

Got to see my #1 Band THE GOO GOO DOLLS in Concert!!!
Original Music Video

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen
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