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Summer is finally here!! And you know what that means… BEACH TIME! As I get older I realize how lucky I am to be from California. I never went to the beach when I was a kid so I haven’t really made it a point to go  as an adult but a few years ago Josh got a beach house for our Anniversary and I fell in love with the beach. When you grow up not having something in your life you don’t really think you need it but wow I definitely need the beach in my life. I love watching the ocean because it brings me a sense of peace and happiness. And I love watching all the families come be together and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you are looking for a fun day trip with friends or family I highly recommend Victoria Beach. This beach has been on my list of Places to Visit for awhile now and I finally was able to see the famous Pirate TowerPut this beach on your list because it is quickly becoming a touristy sight for its medieval-looking tower rising from the sand and a circular concrete man-made pool that fills with sand and salt water from the waves. It is best to see the tower before 5pm when the tides are low. It can get dangerous especially with all the rocks and no lifeguard on duty.


The private/public beach access is a little hard to find but if you put this address in your maps it will take you to where you need to go 2713 Victoria Drive, Laguna Beach, CA. 

The tricky part is finding parking because entrance to this beach is located within the private gated Lagunita Housing development so if you try parking on their streets you will get ticketed. The best places to park are on PCH or Victoria Drive and walk. Be careful with traffic especially if you are parking across the street from the beachside it’s hard for cars to see you so don’t try crossing before the crosswalk. Josh & I actually walked down under the overpass and got to the beach a lot sooner & safer.

Continue on Victoria to where it intersects with Sunset Terrace. There you will find a staircase leading to the beach. If you put the address in MAPS it will help you get there, I promise.

Once you arrive on the beach make a right towards the rocks. Keep walking until you spot the tower!

*Fun Fact about the Pirate Tower from A Laguna Beach ambassador, Steve Bramucci’s*

The tower was built in 1926 as an enclosed staircase to the beach for William E. Brown, a senator from Los Angeles. After coming to California in 1882, Brown developed into an avid and acclaimed painter—making Laguna Beach a natural fit for his dream home. The tower was surely influenced by its owner’s aesthetic tastes and love of Laguna’s diverse geography.

In the early 1940s, Brown sold his home to a retired naval captain, Harold Kendrick. Kendrick was a lifelong pirate aficionado and found himself attracted to the home because of the odd, slightly askew tower. Records call Kendrick as “eclectic and fascinating as the buildings themselves” and go on to describe how he would dress in pirate regalia and invite local kids over for games and stories of the sea. Winners of Kenrick’s puzzles and scavenger hunts received “cold cash”—the chance to grab a handful of money from a change bowl kept inside the refrigerator. The tower itself often made an appearance in Kendrick’s tales and children longing to buy candy knew to search its many cracks and crevices for slyly hidden coins. According to the Laguna Beach historic register, “finders were keepers.”
These days, the property has switched hands a number of times and the tower is kept under lock and key—a skeleton key, one hopes, pockmarked with flecks of rust. The stories of coins tucked between the stones are all but forgotten now. Still, as long as the tower is standing, it will inspire the imaginations of bold spirits young and old longing for the days of wild-eyed rogues sailing under the black flag.
♥ This last photo, Josh is standing in the water pool. About 10 mins later the waves were getting so big it started to fill!!
I hope you enjoyed seeing photos of our day and hope you can visit Victoria Beach soon!
What secret beaches do you know of? I would love to hear them in the comments!
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