Teenage Priest Opens Up About; His Creative Process, Love For Van Gogh, and 5 Daily Beauty Tips in this Exclusive Video Interview.

Art describes the things we can’t articulate. Artists describe things we can’t fully articulate.

Taylor Van Ginkel | Teenage Priest

The Art Club Presents:

Watch this eleven minute video to get inside the mind of Orange County native, Taylor Van Ginkel aka Teenage Priest. We chatted about his amazing skin care routine, where he finds his freedom to create, Van Gogh, David Lynch, and not taking yourself too seriously.

Taylor is a friend so everything you see in this video is completely, 100% him. He’s one of the most authentic and nicest people I’ve ever met. With music to showcase his originality.

Please welcome my friend from Orange County, California


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Teenage Priest is the solo music project of the self produced artist Taylor Van Ginkel, based out of Orange County, CA. Taylor is also a touring member for Bishop Briggs.

Please support Artists like Teenage Priest, especially during these times. Buy their music, purchase merchandise, spread the word, they need it more than ever right now. <3


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