“Even Bad Days Have Tomorrows” – Video Interview with FINNISH SINGER/SONGWRITER OLIVERA <3

Photographer: Miika Ullakko

I was a very dramatic child, just feeling a lot and crying a lot. Singing and writing my own little songs gave me comfort and a way to express those feelings for a little girl. Sometimes there are feelings and things happening, that words are just not enough to explain or to help people.

I think ART {any art}; Dance, Music, Theatre, whatever it is can like catch you. I’m a very neurotic person, I try to control everything but with music, when I’m singing or writing or playing with my band, you just go with the flow and just lose yourself in that moment. It’s the feeling like when you’re in a concert singing with thousands of other people… that’s what I’m dreaming of, that I can be the one to lead these people together.” – OLIVERA

The latest edition to THE ART CLUB: OLIVERA

Watch this 9 minute video where I sat down (virtually) in Finland and chatted with the lovely, Olivera about; her start in Music, life in Finland, the importance of Music & Art and her new single, ‘Tomorrows’.

Olivera’s catchy melodies & tug-at-your-heart-strings lyrics is what put her on my radar over a year ago. Thank you Quarantine for allowing this to interview to happen.“Even bad days have tomorrows” right? *Hint Hint* A lyric from Olivera’s latest single ‘TOMORROW’ OUT NOW (June 5, 2020).

Grab your favorite drink, snack, get comfy or if you’re at work, save it for your break…

Please welcome from ESPOO, FINLAND…..

“I don’t know where my songs come from. I just listen to the endless radio show inside my head and record the best parts of it. ”


Dear cactus, I’m so sorry I forgot to show love
They say let go
I don’t know how
‘Cause I always get stuck
I’ve been talking to the voices in my head
I’ve been tryin’ to make them understand
Every cloud has got its silver lining If you look hard enough
Even bad days have tomorrows
Bad days have tomorrows
Even bad days have tomorrows, right? Yeah

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Facebook: https://olivera.ffm.to/facebook.oyd
Spotify: https://olivera.ffm.to/spotify.oyd
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✔️Song credits: Written by: Katriina Ullakko, Axel Ehnström & Lenno Linjama
Produced by: Lenno Linjama
Mixed by: Lenno Linjama
Mastered by: Jyri Sariola at Mimixstudio
✔️ Lyric video by: Laura Matikainen

Olivera’s last single “Hope” came out March 20, 2020. “We’re living in weird times. There have never been this many ways to connect with each other, yet we’re feeling more lonely than ever. I think what I’m trying to say with this song is that we only have hope if we stay together.” Hope is the first single of Olivera’s next EP coming up later this year.

Olivera has also worked as a songwriter and a featuring artist for names like Tiësto, Zaxx, 3LAU, Sonny Alven, Lucian and John Dahlbäck. So far the songs she’s written have been streamed over 40 million times and covered by outlets such as Billboard, Forbes and Scandipop.

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