Cambria and Harmony, California

The last part of my Central Coast trip is finally here! I had such an amazing time, it was the perfect ending to 2017. Looking forward to another adventure along California’s Central Coast!

So the last day of our trip we started the day off by grabbing some coffee and breakfast at my new favorite spot, Luna Coffee Bar 

My reaction is to Josh’s comment, “Tell me a story through your eyes!”

After breakfast, I had to stop by a very famous cookie shop

 Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies  

If you are a fan of deliciousness, you are going to want to stop by this place. The cookies are sweet and salty (practically melts in your mouth). They have a variety of flavors, I suggest you get the variety pack to try a few different options. I wish I could type how amazing the store smelled, think of Disneyland, Mainstreet but for real not secret scents that are being released. If your mouth is already watering, you can actually buy the cookies and get them shipped to you by clicking this link


Next stop: Moonstone Beach, Cambria

From Cayucos to Cambria it was about a twenty minute drive. Once we parked we walked down to the beach to see the famous Moonstones. Moonstones are prized for their adularescence, an optical phenomenon that creates the appearance of billowy clouds of blue to white light with a moonlight sheen.

Instead of walking on sand you are walking on thousands of Moonstones…

The moonstones vary in colors and are very smooth to walk on. The beach itself is gorgeous, you definitely want to spend some time to explore and I highly suggest bringing a mason jar or something to take the Moonstones home in.

For lunch we went to Cambria’s Historic Village…

Where we ate at a delicious, authentic Italian Restaurant called LOMBARDI’S. 

We then walked around the adorable town. I had to stop by SWEET OFFERINGS  Cambria’s Candy shop, who some have said, “what Willy Wonka’s house might look like.” They have a variety of sweets from; candy to homemade chocolate that I actually got to try and it was beyond amazing. They also sell gourmet honey and dried fruit and nuts. They even sell sugar-free items. I left with a huge bag full of goodies but man was it worth it.

One of my favorite stores was a gift shop called, SPELLBOUND HERBS 

They sell a variety of products from bath salts, to massage oils, salves and even herbs and spices. The best part of their store was their magical garden.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, you will loooove this place.

Next Stop: HARMONY 

The sign is correct…population 18! You can walk around the whole town in 5 minutes. Harmony use to be a dairy settlement, so you will notice a lot of statues and murals of cows.

 Harmony is now known for their Glassblowing and Pottery.

Harmony Glass Works is open daily. They even offer classes on glassblowing.

Other than those two shops, the town of Harmony is a perfect venue for a wedding. They have an adorable chapel, an outside & inside reception area and a place for pictures. You would literally have the whole town for your wedding. I did check prices and it’s pretty pricey but if you can afford it, you have everything you need in one spot.

After a fun day of sightseeing we decided to head back Cayucos and walk along the beach for our last night.

Walking along the beach at Sunset was breathtaking. All the different colors the sky turned to was stunning. I was so glad to be able to experience this beautiful moment with my new fiance’ and his wonderful family that I get to call my mine now.

I’ll leave you with the pictures, I hope you enjoyed my California’s Central Coast trip as much as I did. I would love for you to leave me some comments on where I should travel next in California. I am itching to go on small weekend trip somewhere, so comment below! Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday! Thanks for reading!

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