AHNTY – Fort Worth, Texas Singer/Songwriter releases soul-stirring new single ‘Breathe’.

Back in November 2019 I had the privelege of interviewing AHNTY (f.ka. Tyesha Chaunté) after watching her perform in Los Angeles. Her captivating voice and poetic lyrics are what drew me to her music.

Ahnty sings and speaks her truth. An Artist whose desire is for her audience to gain strategy to endure through the hardships of life by listening to her healing sound.

BREATHE is her first single under the name AHNTY. This song is about finally being able to find your breathe in the midst of almost giving up on life. It was written two years ago when AHNTY could barely find her strength to sing or write anything anymore. She couldn’t find her purpose as a creative. A year later, God whispered this song title in her ear and told her to revisit it, and she ended up recording it shortly after.

Amidst this pandemic, AHNTY knew that now is the time to let go of it for the sake of others that need the same message. This is an anthem of healing. 


AHNTY (f.k.a. Tyesha Chaunté) is 25-year-old singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, TX and is currently based in Los Angeles. She started releasing music through her former name in 2016, which was during the time of her attendance at Berklee College of music, where she graduated from in 2017 with her BA in songwriting.

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The Art Club features AHNTY https://daniellekeaton.com/music-coffee-with-singer-songwriter-and-missionary-for-the-gospel-tyesha-chaunte/

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