What A Time To Be Alive – Best Tunes of September 2020.

Enjoy these 26 songs from Artists all over the world. An hour and a half of music that will make you want to dance, go for a drive, cry in your bed, or let out some screams. A music playlist for my fellow enneagram 4’s or just anyone who loves good storytelling & music.

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“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Victor Hugo
  1. Fickel FriendsWhat a Time To Be Alive
  2. Hotel ApacheThis Love Rightfully Belongs To Somebody Else
  3. Devenny 404Paradise Drive
  4. Trayer Tryon – Cul de sac
  5. Giveon Untitled (How Does It Feel)
  6. EllianaThinking
  7. ColouringFading
  8. JWesternCall You Right Now
  9. Jhana BoyDeadly
  10. Drauve LMK
  11. BronsonPerth, 2014
  12. LaurelineEverything Ends Up Ending
  13. Nightlythe car
  14. Angel Olsen – Mr. Lonely
  15. Sufjan StevensSugar
  16. 1990nowhereSour
  17. The Ivy, The MidnightMissing Out – The Midnight Remix
  18. BlackstarkidsFrankie Muniz
  19. Tall PeopleRun Into You
  20. Charlotte SandsSweatshirt
  21. The Night Game I Feel Like Dancing
  22. Maisie Peters, JP SaxMaybe Don’t
  23. Night TravelerCarolina
  24. The Millennial ClubSummer Nights
  25. The StavesTrying
  26. ElderbrookNext December

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