Art By Arnor Bieltvedt – Icelandic Artist in LA., a.k.a. Chess Painter
3 Bands To Get You Through Quarantine

Dani Keaton

Dani is a Music and Arts Journalist who vigorously searches and dives into undiscovered, outstanding artists from all around the globe with exclusive interviews. With over 28 years working in the Entertainment Industry as an; Actress, Casting Director, Producer, Acting Coach, Development & Director’s Assistant for Director Todd Phillips and Actor Bradley Cooper’s production company based out of Warner Brothers Studio, Dani found a passion discovering new and seasoned talent, which led her to create THE ART CLUB for artists.

Dani’s magazine is also mixed with her envious #CaliforniaLifestyle.

If you are an Artist of any kind, Dani would love to hear from you , or find her on Instagram. If you are interested in Partnerships or Advertising, please email

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