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Taiwanese native, Li Mei Norton shares her story on becoming a self-taught portrait artist in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. Through faith, self-reflection, and going back to her roots, Li Mei has found her true calling in Art. Li Mei’s genuine love for people, culture, and human connection, communicates in her paintings. She captures that special “essence” in someone, that honest vulnerability that can really be noticed in the eyes of the people she paints.

Li Mei shares that pursing Art is not easy, she still works as one of Pasadena’s top Real Estate Agents to help support her Art Career but she understands that all her sacrifice, hard work, is worth it to be able to share her what’s inside her heart. That’s Li Mei’s message to the world, to examine your heart and see what it is you love to do. She wants to keep raising awareness to support artists. Li Mei believes Art can really nurture your soul. Her hope is that our future will invest and be curious about Art, the culture and its history.

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Li Mei Art World Studio | street, Pasadena California

Li Mei’s beautiful gallery & studio is located on classic Green St in Pasadena, California. She welcomes friends to stop in for coffee & conversation.

Li Mei Art World Studio | Green street, Pasadena California

If you’re interested in a personal painting of you or your family, or looking for some beautiful art to buy you can connect with her on all her platforms below. SAVE 20% ON YOUR FIRST ORDER for new customers (click website button below)

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Material things can be important but your heart and soul are more important.

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