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How adorable are these girls right here? I had the pleasure of meeting them in Dana Point when I went to the OC Parks Summer Concert Series. They were all laughing and smiling, enjoying their summer before heading off to college. They were just so cute plus I loved their fashion style so I just had to go up to them. I recently started this category that features people who I feel represent the California Lifestyle…. and most importantly that represent … Peace ~ Love & Happiness ~

I’m going to ask you a favor…..Get to know your fellow neighbor, or the person that makes your coffee for you in the morning, or just someone you pass by on the street… Lets all try to become friends with one another, even for a brief moment. When we start to understand someone different from us, we start to have empathy & sympathy which I believe leads to showing compassion for others. I hope we can start this trend of just making brief conversations with a “stranger” and see where it goes. You might make the other persons day not feel so lonely or maybe yours. I still get social anxiety & I am definitely an introvert but I have had the courage to go up to “strangers” because I hope to make a small difference in making the world a better, loving and not so lonely place.

Will you join me?

Meet Julia (2nd to the left)

Julia is 18 years old from San Clemente, California who is currently attending Chico State. Her dream job would be CEO of a company. The best part of being from California are the beaches for Julia. Her advice to High-Schoolers is to enjoy every moment because the four years goes by fast. Her favorite place to shop is Urban Outfitters. Julia’s go-to outfit is her Levi’s & black body suit. Her favorite hangout spot is the beach. Favorite Artist is ALT J and in her free time she loves to golf.

Meet Ireland (2nd to the right)

Ireland is 18 from San Clemente, California. She is attending Irvine Valley College  her dream job would be a Lawyer. The best part of being a Californian are all the beaches. Her advice for High-schoolers is to do all the activities that the school offers WITH your friends because those are some of her best memories. Ireland’s favorite places to shop are; Irene’s Story, Hobie and Isabelle’s Cabinet. Her go-to outfit is; Shorts, tank top & Converse. Her favorite hangout spot is the San Clemente Bluffs. Favorite Artist is Kenny Chesney and she loves playing Volleyball.

Meet Makena! (Far right) 

Makena is also 18 years old from San Clemente, California attending the University of San Diego. Her dream job would be a buyer for high end retailers. She met her gals in elementary school. She loves being from California because of the weather and beaches. Makena’s advice for High-Schoolers is to enjoy every second because it will fly by. Her favorite places to shop are; Isabelle’s Cabinet, Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. Her go-to outfit is jeans, bodysuit, black booties, belt, & purse. Favorite hangout spot is the San Clemente Bluffs and her top two Artists are Louis the Child and Ed Sheeran. Makena also enjoys reading in her spare time.

Meet Sidney (Far Left)

Sidney is 18 from San Clemente, California going to San Diego State University. Her dream job would be a professional photographer. She loves California for the weather and beaches! Her advice for High-schoolers is to enjoy every moment. Sidney’s favorite places to shop are; Isabelle’s Cabinet, Nordstrom and Brandy Melville. Her go-to outfit is a casual dress and Nike Air Force Ones. Favorite hangout spot is the San Clemente Bluffs. Her favorite Artists are Dan and Shay and Louis the Child. In Sidney’s free time she loves reading and snapping photos.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know these gals a little bit. I’m excited to shop at some new stores and I am definitely going to check out the San Clemente Bluffs.

In the comments let me know if you happen to talk to a stranger, would love to hear your story.

Danielle Keaton

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