A New Chapter for Laureline: How Optimism, Vulnerability, & Art fueled this Alternative Band’s new sound.

Alexandre Souêtre

On September 16th, 2020, Laureline released their latest single Everything Ends Up Ending’. The Los Angeles based band which is Ciera Bardowell, Chris Rasmussen and Marian Nutley have created a raw, emotional, passionate, storytelling single acting as a transition from their synth-pop sound, into a more sophisticated and determined sound.

The Art Club Presents:

Watch this twenty minute video where I sat down (virtually) with the band chatting about their new song, what inspired their Single Artwork, the importance of music & vulnerability and so much more. A band that I am truly excited to share with you all.

Please welcome….from Los Angeles, California


Everything Ends Up Ending is a love letter to death. The song explores the meaning that can be drawn from death, even seeing it as a gift rather than something dreadful. If everything ends up ending shouldn’t we do our best to love as much as we can and be as present as possible? Death, as the absolute ending, can be the antidote to fear and anxiety. Does love mean anything if there is no ending?
This single is a transition from Laureline’s synth-pop sound into a more sophisticated and determined sound. Laureline continues themes from their previous record “Wash” but with an added maturity, exploring themes of life and death, love and loss and sincerity vs. irony. Everything Ends Up Ending sets a dark tone with surprisingly optimistic and sincere lyrics, “Love yourself like someone you love.”

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Music is the enterprise of being heard. Music power, maybe more powerful than politics in a lot of ways because music can change culture.

Chris Rasmussen ~ Laureline

Since their debut album release just months ago, Laureline has been working on several singles and another record for their dedicated and rapidly growing fanbase. Last year Laureline toured with bands such as Plastic Picnic, The Ivy, Yoke Lore and PHANGS, with growing crowds and creative energy.

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