Art By Arnor Bieltvedt – Icelandic Artist in LA., a.k.a. Chess Painter

If it’s true and the emotion is just right it has the power to move people which is why I love to paint. 

– Arnor Bieltvedt

Bieltvedt imagines color in the middle of the eye’s retina and seeks the unspoiled nature of color to represent a pure expression of humanity and life.

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Expressionism has to be pure and real. You really have to be in the moment. …You can’t really think about it too much, it has to be very highly intuitive. 

Arnor Bieltvedt

So i have these like 5 different lives as an artist. I have family of paintings that ties together..similar concepts …I keep on exploring.

Arnor Bieltvedt

I want my art to create some kind of beauty & connection for people. Everyone will see the work differently…have a different emotion. I just want them to feel.

I want to be known as an artist who had courage to keep on exploring and growing every day. Somebody who maybe didn’t always make the most logical decisions but kept on growing. I take painting very seriously. In the traditional painting, there’s a craftsmanship about the work, a respect from where it came from, and what it can become. 

Arnor Bieltvedt

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