Coronado, San Diego | Quick Day Trip to refresh your mind & soul <3

To all my California friends, if you are looking for a relaxing getaway take a trip to Coronado Island! With its beautiful sunsets, a picturesque main street, and the famous Hotel Del Coronado, you will fall in love with California all over again.

Josh & I took the Amtrak from Fullerton Train Station to Old Town, San Diego. It was about a two hour trip. If you’ve never taken the train I totally recommend it. No need to worry about traffic, you can take a nap, get some work done, and you have views.

We arrived in Old Town, San Diego and took a LYFT to Hotel Del Coronado. What a classic beauty! The Hotel/Resort was packed with history and ghost stories! I loved how they kept the original elevator.

Josh & I wanted to make the most of our half day, especially to see the sunset and what a sight it was! I made a video of our little trip, if you SCROLL DOWN BELOW. It’ll give you all a better insight of all the details of our little trip. From places we ate at and one incredibly delicious Gelato shop. Plus lots of footage of the SUNSETS! Seriously they were incredible. I love being from California.

Josh spotted a family of dolphins that got everyone’s attention. We spent most of the later afternoon/sunset time walking along the beach.

DAY 2 | Coronado/Downtown San Diego

Early Morning walk on the beach <3

Had lunch at Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill ! Great views & food!

Afterwards we spent some hours at where we got to check out some awesome Aircrafts and the history behind the famous USS MIDWAY. They have veterans who are volunteering their time to educate us on history. I loved hearing some of the personal stories of these soldiers.

Make sure you allow some time here because they have a lot to see, plus activities and tours to do as well. Show your support & keep history alive!

Afterwards, we went to a coffee shop and then took the FERRY boat for only $5 back to Coronado Island.

We walked around main street and then ate dinner at LEROY’S KITCHEN and before heading to the train station we had some dessert back at Hotel Del Coronado.


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