After like 7 years…Josh and I finally went to Disneyland!!! It was pure magic and I’m so excited I got to share this amazing moment with my gals Ashley & Taryne! Not only did I get to go to Disneyland but California Adventure too!!! I haven’t been to California Adventure since it opened, so that was like yearrrrrrsssss ago. 

I absolutely loved it! Cars was my favorite…of course. The beginning part of the day Joshua, Ashley and I explored California Adventure and then around 245 we went to Disneyland! Ashley surprised us and got us a reservation at the Blue Bayou. It was Josh & I’s first time and it was delicious!! Afterwards we went on some rides, watched shows, ate, and ate lol. If you haven’t tried the churros or their corn dogs… you need to!! I’m still craving the corn dogs..

We ended the night with The Haunted Mansion ** Fun Fact I learned from Tour Guide Ashley.. the reason the Haunted Mansion is down a lot of times is because people spread their loved ones ashes in the cemetery area! So crazy!

We caught the Castle Show and all us girls started crying…it was just so magical!!!

I can’t wait to go again, especially when I get to go with my nieces & nephew! I hope to go back really soon…. I am debating on getting an annual pass since we live like 25 minutes away. Josh did tell me if I do I need to go at least once a week or else I’m wasting money. Which he is totally right on… so I’ll continue to think but man do I want some corn dogs right now. 

Would love to hear from you all, so leave your answers in the comments! 

  • Have you been to Disneyland or California Adventure?
  • Do you have an annual pass?
  • Favorite ride
  • Favorite food? 

Smile, breathe, and believe in MAGIC! 

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