How Wes Reeve’s obsession with Video Games & Fantasy Fiction created her whimsical, beyond comparison, “pop” sound.

I just want to make a world where people can escape to.

Wes Reeve

The Art Club Presents:

Get inside the magical mind of Los Angeles based, Singer/Songwriter Wes Reeve in this 12 minute Exclusive Video Interview. From Lord of the Rings to Zelda, to Good Vibrations and Simon & Garfunkel, Wes Reeve’s library of fantasy fiction is what makes this artist truly stand out.

Creating a musical world for all of us to escape to.

Please welcome from Los Angeles, California


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New Song Out Every Week!

Wes is releasing a song a week for a year, exploring each season in turn!

You can help support Artists like Wes Reeve by buying their music, following their pages, sharing with your friends, they need it more than ever right now. <3

Help keep music & the arts alive!

The earth with out art is just “eh”. I don’t want to live in a world that’s “eh”. And also the world would be so sad with Art. 

Wes Reeve


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