Inside The Mind of Abstract Painter, Contemporary Artist DAVID IAIN BROWN

Abstract Art transports someone to a memory, triggers real feelings…

David Iain Brown

The Art Club Presents:

An in depth video conversation with Abstract Painter DAVID IAIN BROWN. Coming from a small town without an art scene, David found inspiration as a child when an artist visited his school and encouraged the students that if they work hard, and focus they can make it to art school. Someone believed in them first and believed it was possible to live a life of an Artist. A pivotal moment for David and one that would change the course of his life. 

Get inside the mind of David as he shares his; Artistic Process, goals (congrats on achieving the short term ones!) growing up in a small town in Scotland, the importance of Art, being consistent and finding your creative community.  *This story was created during the 2020 pandemic*

Please welcome from Scotland, UK

David Iain Brown

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I just want to put a little positivity in the world. Artwork gets people to look at things and challenge things.

David Iain Brown ~ Painter

If we don’t have art or music or dance I think the world would be a sad, pretty bleak place. It would be Gray. I can’t imagine a world without it. 

David Iain Brown ~ Painter

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