V L U S H – Los Angeles EDM Artist releases new music video…

As a music lover, I am constantly looking for up and coming artists to share and this week I wanted to feature V L U S H, a female Music Producer & DJ from Los Angeles, California.

I was able to grab a few moments with VLUSH to chat about her new music video and what she wants her new fans to know about her! Check out our little interview down below but FIRST check out her video! #supportlocalartists

  1. What can you tell us about this new video?
    This recent music video of mine is a story of two lovers who are unaware of their love for each other. Meant to be, fate brings them together in the end. Not knowing when to follow your instinct can be such an unsettling feeling. My inspiration to those is to follow your gut instinct. Although it’s not always easy, I believe we are given these deep inner feelings for a reason and we should follow them to unravel life’s beauty that awaits.
  2. Can you tell us a little about yourself for the new fans?
    My name is Vanessa aka VLUSH. I am a self taught musician/producer/DJ in the Los Angeles area. Not many people know, VLUSH is an acronym for “Vanessa Love Yourself Hernandez”. Yourself with the “U” of course. It is a self reminder for myself to keep pushing through tough circumstances as these past years have been extremely difficult for me. The pain I’ve been through has given me a calling to reassure those in similar circumstances to not give up, that we are not alone even when it seems like it. Music is my outlet, my passion, and my calling. At age 12, I knew I wanted to create music for the rest of my life. My vision is to create a welcoming environment for all of those who feel hurt, broken, abandoned, helpless, etc., through lyrics, frequencies, and life example. I want to spread a message of self love and acceptance and bring comfort in letting those know “it’s okay to not be okay”.
  3. Where can people find your music & you?
    My music is out on all media platforms whether it be iTunes, spotify, sound-cloud, etc. I love to provide visuals with each song I release. YouTube and Instagram are great sites to see what I’m up to!
  4. Any shows coming up?
    Currently, I do not have any upcoming shows schedule but I do plan on getting out there VERY soon. I’m extremely excited to show everyone what I have been working on.
  5. What do you like to do for fun?
    Oh easy, I’ve always been into art. I love to spray paint on my free time. Something about the freedom in expression in color is so therapeutic. I also produce beats/tracks for other artists. I love working with different artists and creating new vibes. I love meeting new people, building relationships, and spreading good energy.
  6. Goal for the year?
    My goal for the rest of the year is to come out with 5 more music videos and to start having TONS of shows. I hope to meet all of those who support me and my vision!


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