Robyn Cosio Makeup Artist, Eyebrow Specialist & Author.

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I’ve known Robyn for over twenty years. She was the first person to shape my brows. Robyn is more than my eyebrow specialist, she is a friend, and a woman I admire. Robyn made me feel beautiful before I thought I was. Listen to this 7 minute interview with the one & only Robyn Cosio. A true, timeless beauty.

Robyn Cosio is a world-renowned makeup artist and eyebrow specialist serving clients on both coasts. Her work has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar,W, Elle, Marie Claire, Mademoiselle and Allure and in television commercials for Gallo Winery, Maybelline and Levi’s. She is highly sought after as a recognized authority on eyebrows and makeup and has made appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox and MTV. In addition, she has designed makeup for Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Bill Blass and authored the book, The Eyebrow.

Robyn’s mastery of both the brow and makeup application is unparalleled and has given her access to some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and New York: Nicole Kidman, Kate Bosworth, Marisa Tomei, Christina Applegate, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gina Gershon, Vanessa Redgrave, Bryce Dallas Howard, Cat Deeley, Lesley Stahl, Laura San Giacomo and Elizabeth Perkins.

Robyn does not create a “signature brow.” Instead, she provides sophisticated analysis of each client’s face, creating a tailor-made brow – your signature brow. Her clients are pleased to discover that the better the brow, the less makeup is needed. Robyn has the foresight to recognize that trends are irrelevant and a great face can only be realized by following the simplest principles of glamour: “It’s not glitter eye shadow, black eyeliner, and a foundation applied with a trowel that make a woman beautiful. It is-and make this your beauty mantra-a gorgeous mouth, clear, beautiful skin, great hair, and stunning eyebrows.”

Please welcome from Beverly Hills, California


..with a good lipstick and a great brow, you can walk out that door.

Robyn Cosio


*If they’re overgrown, only take hairs surrounding the brows don’t get too close to the shape of the brow.

*Leave the trimming to the specialist.

*Products that can make your brow healthier and make them grow. Revitabrow, Nuebrow and
Castor Oil. Robyn also has products specialized for her clients.

Not everybody can wear the same brow.

Robyn Cosio

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Los Angeles | [email protected]

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