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RENEWED DAILY is all about inspiring people, encouraging them to live out the words and messages portrayed in each art piece.

Founder of Renewed Daily, Rocio Venegas is a San Diego local who started her business nearly three years ago. A mix of calligraphy, watercolor, and digital artwork, Renewed Daily is available for purchase on Etsy & Creative Crossroads. Creative Crossroads features local artists from San Diego. Rocio’s hope is that her brand travels across the U.S. and starts a movement of encouragement.

Rocio has always been on the creative side. Elementary school was when she first started doodling on etch-a-sketch. In college Rocio studied Graphic Design, Studio Art and Multimedia Art but didn’t know where that path would take her. She always had a passion to help people and be able to give back somehow but couldn’t find her path until after graduating. Two years went by and in Spring 2016, Rocio started an Instagram account of doodles and sketches which became a creative outlet for her.

A friend of hers told her how inspiring and encouraging her art work was and suggested to do something with those pieces because they had really spoken to her. Rocio’s first thoughts were, “I have no clue how to start, I’ve never run a business before.” Her friend challenged her, saying she should start a business. So, the first thing she did was think of a name.

Renewed Daily is based off the bible verse 2:Corinthians 4:16

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

Rocio: There’s this renewal, even though our flesh fades away inwardly what we receive, there’s so much power in that. Because it can be good or bad, but my hope is for people to receive good things. I would love to collaborate with other artists and continuing to spread positive messages with Art.

Dani: What’s your process on creating your pieces?

R: Sometimes I need a day to unplug, like go to the mountains or go on a hike. I really draw my inspiration from nature and God’s creation. Sometimes I’ll snap a photo of a flower, water, the ocean something that makes me feel calm or that speaks something to me.

Then I’ll go back to my office take out my calligraphy pens, sketch phrases, doodle, go back to my journal entries and see what I’ve written. I also draw inspiration from people’s experiences. Sometimes they’re about what my friends are going through or what I’m going through.

Sometimes its about hard things, the painful parts of our lives and I try to make light of that. I want to try and help people get out of that darkness. I want my artwork to speak to everyone, even non-believers.

My art pieces can take 10 mins to create or up to 2 hours depending on what style and how intricate the piece is.

D: Advice for aspiring artists:

R: If you have even the tiniest interest in art, take a hold of that and explore it. Everyday practice, even if you don’t like what it looks like, keep doing it.

Some of my inspirations are: All Good Things Collective the art is clean, simple, with powerful messages. And it’s all geared towards women to empower them through scripture, different words and images. And then I also like Ruth Chou Simons (Gracelaced)  she has a lot of beautiful watercolor pieces.  And she’s a mother of 6, which I admire because she’s showing the world that no matter what age you are you can still pursue your dreams even when you have 6 kids.

D: Any specific piece that you cherish the most?

R: Yes! I was going through an artistic rut, where I couldn’t create anything. I didn’t feel motivated to do anything and I think it was because I was comparing myself to other artists and started feeling “what’s the point.”  And I felt limited on what I could create do to keeping up with my brand. But after some time, I heard God saying, “you should just do something out of the box.”

So, I went to Michaels and got a canvas and tried this new technique, a marble effect and I just went at it. Started putting all these hues of blues and golds. It was so freeing and felt maybe this could be something for Renewed Daily too.

D: Any last thoughts?

R: If people can recognize the power of words and what they speak, we can change so many lives. Sometimes our weaknesses are our biggest strengths.

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*FUN FACTS: Rocio has an older sister and two younger brothers. Born and raised in San Diego, loves being outdoors going hiking or running. Loves Thai & Mexican food.

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