Music & Coffee with Singer/Songwriter and Missionary for the Gospel, TYESHA CHAUNTE

“Music has the ability to heal it’s listeners. It can give people the energy to fight cancer, it can stop suicidal thoughts, it can bring joy, it can even bring destruction, depending on how the message is being received. A song can be in one language but an entire other nation can scream it at the top of their lungs. It is the universal language. It has the ability to unify politics. It can unify the world faster than anything else.” – Tyesha

Tyesha Chaunte is a 24-year-old, Singer/Songwriter & Missionary for the Gospel. Born in Chicago but raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, now currently living in California, who recently had her first Los Angeles show on Melrose Ave, at the popular coffee shop, Coffee For Sasquatch. With her intimate, soulful voice and powerful storytelling lyrics, Tyesha captivated the hearts of Angelenos on a Saturday Afternoon. {Scroll down for video}

Tyesha brought community and healing in that one hour…I even witnessed a customer surprised by the event, sit down with his coffee and get emotional during one of her songs. It was beautiful. Music…Art…has a way to connect us on a level that we can’t always do on our own. The power it has on us and our world is sooo needed. Which is why I wanted to interview an Artist like Tyesha who gets that.

How old were you when you started singing & playing? Writing?

I believe that I was around two when I started singing. I started songwriting once I started attending Berklee College of Music. I would try a couple of times before then but never knew what I was doing, so I took it as my major in college. 

Who inspired you to start this musical journey?

I was inspired by my oldest sister growing up because she used to sing and do YouTube covers, so I started making YouTube covers in ninth grade. My mom grew up singing as well and always had a dream of pursuing it but never got to beyond her youth. It is cool because as I feel like I am carrying her mantle in a way. 

How would you describe your sound?

Intimate, intentional, and cutting

What do you want listeners to take from your music?

My prayer is to always have my audience gain a sense of identity from my lyrics. Overall, I desire for everyone to feel the presence of God through every note I sing. He Has changed my life and my only desire is to bring people closer to Him.

How did you meet the two musicians that played with you?

The two that played with me at this last show, Tim and Eliot, we all went to Berklee together actually. 

Why do you think Arts Education is important for our youth? 

I was always in school choir but technique wise it was never enough. The thing that changed me the most was my relationships with my choir teachers throughout the years. They invested time into me outside of the class, even when I was preparing for Berklee. I think that it is important to invest in arts education for the youth because it trains them not just educationally for the real world but emotionally. Stretch and nurture them young before the world tries to change them into something else when they are old enough to pursue it as a dream. It is important to properly mentor our young people. Protect and teach them so that they feel sort of ready for what is to come in this industry.

Your goal as an artist? 

My goal is to be open to my music reaching the masses but then also being appreciative of the few lives it is affecting until then. Every life counts. I just need to focus on continuing to be authentic to my personal sound and ever evolving message. 

Who would you love to open up for?

Chance the Rapper

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Reaching the masses with my message through radio and streaming. I see myself having my first tour by then or opening up for my favorite artist in the next couple of years. I also see myself songwriting for different artists I admire. 

If you could leave a message for everyone, what would it be? 

Allow yourself time to become yourself. Don’t ever rush the process of life. Feel and live. Be with friends and take time by yourself. Do not stress yourself out because it is not necessary. 

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A big THANK YOU to Coffee For Sasquatch for putting on this event to help support Local Musicians & Artists. Can’t wait to attend another one!

Next time you’re on Melrose Ave make sure to make stop at CFS and order a BREWCHATA, you will thank me later.

Watch a little snippet from Tyesha’s show!

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