PHANTOM OF THE OPERA | Hollywood Pantages Theatre

What an incredible night at the beautiful, legendary Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California. The cast of Phantom of the Opera blew me away with their flawless vocals, extraordinary acting & dancing and the set design was outstanding. The lighting design was beautiful and helped enhance the tone and mood of the story.

DERRICK DAVIS who portrayed the Phantom commanded his role effortlessly. He created such a dynamic character where we fell in love with him and felt his pain. Derrick’s voice is on another level, my gosh he was fabulous! EVA TAVARES who played Christine Daae` captured the role perfectly and her voice was impeccable. JORDAN CRAIG really captured our hearts with his portrayal of Raoul, another incredible vocal performance. One of our favorite characters Carlotta was portrayed by CARMEN VASS and to my husband she stole the show.

CARMEN VASS – Carlotta

Needless to say this show is definitely worth watching. With only a little over a week left I highly suggest you get tickets. Phantom of the Opera is a classic and to me is like no other musical. It will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, leaving you speechless until the very end.

Click here to get tickets:

Check out his awesome video of Derrick Davis (The Phantom)

Close your eyes and let the music set you free.

Phantom of the Opera

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