My favorite coffee shop that will give any coffee lover a LIFT in their day.


Town: Whittier, California 

If you love the taste of coffee and great customer service, LIFT COFFEE ROASTERS is going to be your new favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Lift Coffee is located in uptown Whittier on the corner of Bailey St. & Greenleaf Ave.

I found out about this place two weeks ago when I was having a sister date. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to uptown Whittier and was pleasantly surprised by all the new restaurants and coffee/tea shops. I absolutely loooooove food, coffee, junk food, I guess you can say everything and uptown has it all. I’m definitely making it a mission to try all the new spots.

My sister Sabrina and I decided to get coffee after lunch. We spotted Lift Coffee Roasters, the outside was very cute and from the flow of people entering and leaving, it seemed like the place to be. As we entered, the vibe was chill, relaxed, and welcoming. The customers were of all ages, some working on homework, having a meeting, or just simply taking a break. **They have FREE Wi-fi fyi*

I’ve been back four times in the past two weeks. I wish this place was down the street from my house so I can have my delicious cortado every day. After doing some research on Lift Coffee I found out that the owners are very hands-on. They actually go out and meet the farmers who produce the coffee beans and specifically pick them all out. They even have their own technique for roasting coffee and take pride in teaching customers how to do it. I love how passionate the company is.

Besides having coffee they have a selection of pastries, sandwiches, teas and juices. Depending on the location they also serve breakfast and lunch. The Whittier location only serves pastries and sandwiches which are to die for by the way and I highly recommend you try them.

*Side note they have my favorite brand of chips, “Dirty Potato Chips”. The jalapeno ones are my absolute fav.

What impressed me the most about Lift Coffee is their sense of community. From the moment I walked in, I noticed a sign that said “Take a book, leave a book”.

That sign told me so much about the vibe of the place and the people it was attracting. Lift Coffee is more than just a coffee shop it’s a place for all walks of life to come and hang out. Whether it’s by yourself, with friends, or maybe you meet some new friends, like the baristas.

They all had a love for coffee and making sure every drink was perfect. It was awesome watching them create this coffee art. I’m glad they had the names of the Baristas because I wanted to thank the person who made my day with a cup of greatness. It really was that good. And if you’re someone like me who needs their coffee to either start their day or give yourself another boost, you would want your coffee to taste just right. Lift Coffee has done that every time I’ve come in.

So if you haven’t been to a Lift Coffee put it on your to-do list. You’ll definitely get some cute Insta photos. Plus uptown, Whittier is such a cute area, you’ll find boutique clothing shops, vintage shops, museums, a movie theatre, and a lot more. You can make a day of it.

The other Lift Coffee locations are in Riverside but I guarantee more locations will be opening soon. Thanks Whittier for adding an awesome gem to your town.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite coffee shop.



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