Living SPONTANEOUSLY is something I never thought I’d be saying. I am your typical go by the book, must keep my schedule type of girl. I eat the same food for weeks and I usually hate surprises. A lot of the thanks for getting me out of my normal routine goes to my boyfriend because of him I have learned to embrace the unknown, to try new things, and to be okay with not always sticking to a plan. I really am fun guys, okay.

So this past week was pretty eventful for me. I worked, had one prior engagement but the rest of my week was pretty much unplanned. As you get older, life becomes even more routine so for me doing anything out of my normal schedule especially in work week, is a big deal for me.

Last weekend I saw a lot of my students in Stagelight Productions version of the musical, ALICE IN WONDERLAND at the Whittier Community Center. It was great to see my students who I hadn’t seen because one studio I teach at has been on summer break. This was my “planned event” but what wasn’t planned was inviting one of my teenager students Summer to go with me. She had taken my acting class earlier that day and I thought it would be a good idea to give my extra ticket to her. One, she knew a couple of the actors in the show and two it’s a good learning experience. I strongly believe that if actors really want to succeed they need watch other actors, see their competition. You don’t always have to be in a class to learn or work on your craft. One of my professors in college, Gary Krinke told us the first day of class we should be reading a new play every week, or watching a classic movie, attending a play, ect. The more you know about your field the better. Just like any other job, acting is NOT easy. If you want to have a lasting career you need to be constantly studying.

I was super proud of all my students. No matter how big or small their part was they really did shine on stage. I was able to easily spot them out, which isn’t always easy to do when you have a cast with over 100 people.  I do have to give a shout out to my student Savannah who played Alice

Savannah is a perfect example of an actor who really wants it and will work their booty off to get those roles. Audition after audition, callback after callback, Savannah was always getting to the final four for a lot of the leads but not finding her luck. Savannah never gave up though. She didn’t let not getting the role she wanted stop her from trying even harder for the next one. And she was always happy with whatever role she did end up getting. I remember telling her at our last private, keep working hard because the perfect role is waiting for you.  A little bit later, she got the lead as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Just goes to show that sometimes you have to be patient but always prepared. Savannah was both.

To all my students reading this, your perfect role is also waiting but will you be ready when it comes? Don’t ever say no to ensemble roles or one-liners. Anything you do is a great learning experience. You never know who you’re going to meet who might want to cast you in something else plus you’re adding another credit to your resume. There are so many beneficial factors when it comes to accepting a role that maybe wasn’t your dream role. Never say no until you’ve already made a name for yourself.

Here are some photos from Wonderland;

Miss Danielle is so proud of you all!!! <3

This next event was semi-planned. I did have to purchase tickets a week in advance but for me to receive an email and purchase tickets right on the spot is something I never do. I usually have to look through my planner, contemplate is it worth spending the money… yes that’s me, always counting my pennies but I could not turn down an intimate concert by 30 Seconds to Mars!

If you’re wondering how I got tickets to this event, a couple months ago I saw that 30 Seconds to Mars was playing in Malibu at an event called Camp Mars. I started researching the event and it’s literally a summer camp for adults, how cool is that? Camp Mars was created by the band where you spend the weekend in Malibu, camping, hiking, yoga classes, archery and the more money you spend you can be taking a class from one of the band members. This event is something I definitely would need to plan for because I don’t have camping equipment and I would want to bring my girlfriends. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to commit to going to the camp, I emailed them asking if they would be selling tickets for just the concert. They very nicely responded that at the moment that’s not option but possibly for the future.

I week before the camp, I got an email saying they will be selling a few tickets for the concert and without any hesitation I bought those tickets. I have been a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars since I was in High School. I was already a fan of Jared Leto as an actor because I use to watch him on the show My So Called Life all the time. Does anyone remember that show with Claire Danes?

Camp Mars was held at Malibu State Creek Park. Not only did we experience an amazing concert but the drive alone was beautiful. So glad it was a Sunday because there was barely any traffic. Hallelujah. They did say parking would be hard to find so we just parked our car 20 mins or so away from the camp and Ubered. But first of course we got Starbucks because I knew I was going to stay up past 10pm and that’s usually when I go to bed. Wow, I’m getting old.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Once we entered the park, it was awesome to see so many wonderful, different people there. The vibe around the whole place was so calm, welcoming, everyone there just seemed genuinely happy.

While we were waiting for the show to start Josh and I tried our very first Kombucha. 

My face there is correct, the first sip was a little unclear to me. I wasn’t sure I liked it but once I kept sipping it, it was not that bad. And it also gave me a ton of energy, even Josh liked it.

So the show finally started and ahhhh it was incredible!!! The ambiance was super intimate maybe 200 people?  Jared chatted with the audience, asked what songs they should play, we even got to hear their new single, Walk on Water, which comes out tomorrow! The whole night felt like we were all gathered around a campfire singing songs. In my opinion there could not have been a better way to have seen 30 Seconds to Mars.

To make it short and sweet, the show was great and if you were going to ask, yes Jared Leto does look that good in person and he does not age!!!!! Jared what’s your secret?? Kombucha? If it is, I’m drinking that everyday. Next year if they do it again, I definitely want to go to the camp and have Jared teach me some yoga, who’s going with me?

I wish I was allowed to bring my Nikon but no professional cameras were allowed. Maybe next year.. Enjoy!

On Monday I got lucky and was able to work from home. Later in the afternoon, I met up with Josh and we spontaneously decided to go to The Fullerton Arboretum. Since it’s Josh’s only day off we tend to go to the movies or dinner so this was a nice change of scenery. Josh and I have been working on going out more. We both work a lot so when we do spend time together it’s usually the same stuff, our normal routine. One of our goals for our relationship for this year was to really make time and live life together. We might not be able to go travel the world yet but there are so many beautiful places close by that we could appreciate and the Fullerton Arboretum was one of them.

If you live around Orange County and looking for a peaceful activity, this is your spot. Throughout the arboretum are places to sit and just give yourself a breather. I saw a lot of people eating their lunches, reading, mediating, it’s a great place to just be with yourself.

Here’s the website for more information

Parents this is a great inexpensive outing to do and educational. They also provide classes and have events on the weekends.

Here are some photos:

I love nature 

During the work week it gets hard to go to the gym unless I wake up super early and do it. The past couple of weeks that’s what I’ve been doing so I can get it out of the way because 9 times out 10 if I don’t, I won’t go after work. I’ll be honest I have gained some weight since last year so I’ve been really trying to hit hard. The other day I had to get some blood work done (nothing serious) my Doctor said now that I’m over 30 I should get all my stuff checked out. I had the morning free so after the appointment I was going to go the gym, it’s part of my routine and you know I always have to stick to my routine. But my body was just aching and I was starving since I had to fast the whole night. I was about to eat my protein bar and head right to the gym but I decided the gym can wait, I want to see this cutie…

My niece Sequoia Rain! Just look at her face! I met up with my sister Sabrina and the three of us had a coffee date at Reborn Coffee in Brea. I ordered a soy cappuccino and a butter croissant. It was delicious.

Cute little coffee shop, with good coffee and good treats. The weather was perfect, we sat outside under an umbrella because it was drizzling (for a change).  It was great catching up with my sister and loving on my niece. If you haven’t been to Reborn, check it out. The staff is really friendly, great coffee and you’re surrounded by cute little shops. Here’s the website:

After coffee we went to the Wildcatters Park. Beautiful park with a lot of fun activities for children and walking trails. Across the street they also have a dog park. Cute neighborhood to just walk through.

Can we say baby model???

Who said parks are just for kids….. I had a blast.

So instead of going to the gym I decided to hang with my family. I’m very lucky to have all my siblings close by but you’d be surprised that even though we live so close we don’t always see each other as much as you’d think. Work, life, routine schedules get in the way but I want to start including family time into my schedule. I’m a workaholic so when I’m not working I always think I should be working. But life is short and my nieces & nephew aren’t going to be kids forever. And I want to help my sisters out. Being a mom especially a stay home mom is super hard. Never really getting anytime to themselves so if I could help just by watching the kids while they take a moment to just sit down for more than 5 minutes, I want to do that.

Question for Moms reading this: What are your favorite spots or places to take your kids? 

All in all, this past week was fun. I was able to incorporate some spontaneous moments in my regular routine life. Being spontaneous doesn’t always mean doing something huge it can be small things, which I found myself doing this week. Even my workout schedule I changed up. I took some new classes, a Pop Pilates Class, Zumba, and a Cycling class instead of doing my normal workout. I even switched up my breakfast.

If you’re anything like me and reading this, do at least one spontaneous thing this week or maybe don’t do something you had on your schedule. Maybe taking a day off from the gym to go have coffee with a friend, or maybe going to the park after work instead of going straight home. Even if you’re tired make the effort, life is short. I want to enjoy life and not always feel like my life is just WORK. To the students reading this, I know a lot of you have started school and you probably have a full schedule plus extracurricular activities but find time to have fun too. Maybe it can only be on the weekends but make that day awesome because you deserve it.

Be okay with not sticking to routines all the time. Believe me I know it can be hard, I struggle with it all the time. I use to get anxiety when things wouldn’t go according to plan it did not feel good. These baby steps I’m taking to live a more spontaneous life I’m actually really enjoying. I have more things to look forward to and I feel more calm. Routines are not always going to be perfect because life isn’t perfect and we’re not perfect.

So for this week if you go off your schedule, great and if you add something to your schedule spontaneously even better.

Leave me some comments, I’d love to hear from you! Hope you all have a wonderful week.





  1. Sabrina O'Bryan
    August 21, 2017 / 3:39 pm

    Love the post and the pics sis! Coffee date was so much fun! Sequoia loves her Tia! So proud of you and your big sis needs to take your advice from this post! XOXO

    • August 21, 2017 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks sos for reading! I had the best time with you guys. Love you and I’ll be taking advice from YOU when I have kids. One day lol ah I’m still growing and I have my set backs too. Ice cream date next!!! Love you

  2. Lanette lidyoff
    August 21, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    Love this post! I used to be more spontaneous! Hard with hevkids schedules. I love that you shared about the fullerton arboretum! We go there almost once a week. It’s a special place where we can unwind from our busy schedule. We always go to the redwood forest with the creek. The kids play in the water and have boat races with homemade bamboo boats (even my 13 year old…go figure! I’m usually lounging on that bench under the tree. It’s the only place we can all go, technology free, & everyone’s enjoying nature! We also love Green Bliss coffee shop in fullerton & LOVE Sidecar donuts in Newport! Amazing made from scratch in front of you & flavors change daily! Always a long line 😘
    Love what you share Dani!

    • August 22, 2017 / 8:11 am

      Lanette!Thanks so much for reading! I just loved the arboretum and you’re right so peaceful didn’t look at my cell once! ooo I definitely need to try Green Bliss & Sidecar Donuts! I love coffee & sweets!! I can only imagine with kids being spontaneous isn’t always easy but it can also be small things too! But I do have to say I love watching all the fun things you do with your kids and how adventurous you all are. They all are soooo talented!! I’ll let you know when I try those spots you mentioned!

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