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Over Thanksgiving Break, I decided I wanted a DETOX! A Social Media one that is. Even though a lot of my work involves Social Media & Marketing I knew I had to do this because I was getting a little obsessed with checking my feed multiple times a day when I didn’t have to use it for work. I was missing out on truly being PRESENT.

I remember when I first met Josh 11 years ago, I had a flip phone. Not a cool side-kick but just a plain old phone and I remember doing so much more. Actively engaging with people and conversations. Even though I’m an introvert, I still remember I made friends at Starbucks while working on a script. Multiple ones, now its kind of like I keep to myself.

So I took 6 days to “Detox” and surprisingly it was easy. There were probably 3 to 4 times I had to swipe out of Instagram because it was just registered in my brain to do it. It wasn’t even like I thought about it.

I did document my days via video (See below) but you can see my videos get shorter and shorter like I didn’t even think about filming. If you are wondering how I’m doing now? I’m actually doing pretty good. I am definitely on a lot less and when I feel like I need to be more productive I snap out of it.

If you haven’t tried a Social Media Cleanse, do it!! Let me know how it went!







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