Bachelorette Day at The Malibu Cafe


I had such a great time celebrating with my girls this past weekend. I actually didn’t even want a Bachelorette Party but my sister Sabrina & Best Friend Lindsay convinced me and I’m so glad that they did. I am not a party person so I wanted to do something chill with food, I love food. The Malibu Cafe was the perfect place, they had a variety of activities to do, music, shopping, and great photo ops.

I am grateful for the girls who came, unfortunately my best friend got hurt performing over the weekend so she couldn’t attend but she was there in spirit. As I get older I realize true friendships are the ones who invest in your life and vise-versa. I’ll be honest I am an introvert and a workaholic so making the time to invest in friends isn’t always on the top of my list because I am constantly just sticking to my routine. But this year I wanted to change that. I need my girlfriends in my life. And Sunday reminded me that I am going to make it more of a priority to invest in my friends because they actually care about me and I care about them. I truly am grateful for all the girls who came. Make sure you put the time into friendships, life can be busy but never busy enough for friends.

If you haven’t been to THE MALIBU CAFE it is a perfect little day getaway. The drive was beautiful and relaxing and you can literally spend a whole day or a half day because there is a lot of fun things to do. And its dog-friendly!!!!

The big day is almost here!!! ahhh<3 My next post might be when I am a MRS!!!

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