18 days to go! My advice to future brides-to-be

My wedding is almost here!!! I can’t even believe I am hearing myself say that. This year seriously flew by…only 18 more days to go before I am officially a MRS!!

If you’re wondering…… I am excited to get married, a little anxious about the actual day of just because I want things to go smoothly but ready for the big day!

Josh & I are having a small wedding around 60 of our closest friends and family at Perch Bistro in Downtown Los Angeles.

As we were planning we both decided to have something intimate and celebrate with the people that really invested in us. As I get older I see that my list got shorter but the quality of friendships got stronger.

I suffer from people pleasing so the past couple of months I really caught myself having to stop making wedding decisions due to what others might like rather than what I liked or wanted.

With help of Josh I have been able to plan this wedding the way we both want.

Here are a few tips/advice that I discovered these last few months that put me at ease.

1. Plan the wedding that YOU want.

Don’t think you need to have a wedding to please your family, friends, in laws, do something that you and your fiance both want. Discuss budget, future goals and is spending a ton of money on one day really worth it? Unless you are loaded or your parents hey go for it but Josh and I wanted to save for our future together.

2. Register at The Knot

I didn’t have a clue where to get started but thanks to The Knot I found everything I needed. The Knot is a lifesaver, everything you need to know and do for a wedding The Knot will either have the answers or places to guide you. You can build your website, create your registry and more. It does it all.

3. Create a Pinterest Board

I don’t use Pinterest that much but I highly recommend it for wedding planning, it really helped me visualize everything.

4. Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

I bought a majority of my wedding items through Etsy. So many one-of-a-kind pieces to help add the finale touches. I bought signs, center pieces, kids activity books and more.

5. Buy your wedding dress at least 6 months before your wedding date

You most likely won’t be buying your size the day you say “Yes to the dress”, it took 3 months for mine to be ready. Then you need alterations, so getting the final dress takes some time. Don’t wait.

6. Create a to-do list each month

Instead of feeling overwhelmed trying to do too much, every month create 5-10 things that you will get done. Worry about the big stuff first (Photographers, Venue, Cake, Flowers) and then the smaller details.

7. Cherish the planning process.

Josh & I both work a lot so finding time when we both weren’t tired or cranky from work was hard but we made it a point to schedule a day for a few hours to discuss. The more we did together the more fun it became. Never try to plan if you’re not in the mood, tired, stressed with work because that energy will feed into the planning process.

And I guess the final thing I want to share is to just..


Take each day as it comes. If something you have your heart set on doesn’t pan out, don’t freak out because its about celebrating your love for one another more than the show. I know its a special day but a wedding is to celebrate the love you have your significant other not about how much you spend on it. At least in my eyes.

Well friends… in a few weeks I will be a Mrs!! I can’t believe I found the one. You wait your whole life hoping to meet that one person who gets you, believes you, and accepts  you and I am soo in awe that I did.

I look back at my life especially the hard times and I kinda laugh because without those moments I wouldn’t have found Josh. And he’s perfect .. perfect for me. I am so happy to marry him.

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