Saturday, May 4th, 2019 | La Mirada Country Club

The wonderful Theatre Group I work at had their annual Phantom Cabaret at a new venue this year! This year’s The Phantom Cabaret: A Magical Gala For Arts Education was bigger than any other gala we’ve had. Tickets sales were up nearly 40% & auction donations were up 50%. All to support ARTS EDUCATION!

If you didn’t know, Phantom Projects is a non-profit educational theatre group that uses theatre as a teaching tool by bringing literary classics to schools all over California and the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Stage, along with original plays tackling hard hitting topics relevant to teens, parents, and teachers.

We donate over $20,000 in theatre tickets and performances to non-profits, schools, and youth groups. In addition nearly $60,000 in tickets are underwritten allowing groups to be bused in to field trip performances at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. Besides all that, Phantom also has low cost classes, we give out a ton of free classes, we have a costume shop, so schools don’t have to pay a fortune for costume rentals and so much more. All because Phantom Projects believes in the arts, so much so that they are willing to donate so much in hopes to inspire people. Theatre to me has a way to connect people and see life in a different more accepting way.

This benefit gala truly helps us so we can be able to expand our shows, travel to more schools, and just take over the world with inspiring, motivating stories. Every dollar that we made at this event will go to getting new equipment like mics for the actors, a new projector so we can really put on an amazing show for students so they can really connect, and just so much more. Theatre/acting is an art form that I believe is soo necessary in our life. It’s personal, it’s real, it’s life changing.

I am so lucky to be part of an organization that truly cares about making a difference. My life has been forever changed by Phantom Projects.

Enjoy some of the photos from The Gala!

Our New Venue!
The Beautiful La Mirada County Club
The Wonderful Gala Committee did an amazing job with the decor!!
All about the details <3
The man behind Phantom Projects – Steve Cisneros (Preshow)
Our wonderful volunteers!! (Parents, Phantom Alum, students, performers) #phantomphamily
These teens volunteered all day because this is their home.
No one got paid to be here…..they are here because they have been changed by Phantom Projects
The wonderful Tony!!! <3
Such a wonderful turn out!! Look at all these Arts Education lovers!!

Wonderful Performances!!
All past & current Phantom Phamily members.

2019 Alumni Award Recipient: Paul Cabrera with our Wonder Cast
The best stage manager Rachel!
My Phantom Phamily…
Love you all!

If you feel compelled to donate, even $1, that one dollar will help us provide snacks for our actors. Plus it’s tax-deductible!

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