Sorry I’ve been MIA!

Hello wonderful friends! Hope your day is going well and if its not just remember tomorrow is a new day. Wanted to reach to you all, I know I haven’t been posting the last few weeks due to prepping for my non profit The Young Entertainer Awards. Which actually happened this past weekend and good news it was a success! And along with being out of town, work, and all that jazz it was hard for me to be able to blog. But I am back and ready to fill you in on my latest adventures and ones to come. I have a lot of new artists interviews to share as well. One of them coming all the way from France!

I would love to hear any suggestions on posts you’d like me to talk about or even places to explore. Let’s go on this journey of life together.

Wanted to share this inspirational video that helps me when my anxiety kicks in or just when its one of those days.

Love you all! <3

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